Meet Deborah, Chief Inspiration Officer

Photo credit: John Waire, 2014

Photo credit: John Waire, 2014

In 1984, I said goodbye to a woman who had been my champion and cheerleader, my friend and companion. Virginia Lynch Munro passed away on May 19 after a short, hard battle with cancer. I sat down on the eve of the first of three surgeries to learn more about my grandmom’s early years, asking questions I’d never before thought to ask. During this conversation, a passion for family history was born. Unfortunately, Grandmom Munro left behind three drawers stuffed full of photos, unmarked and unlabeled, frustrating all who attempted to figure out who these ancestors might have been.

This experience led me to genealogical research, creative writing, and scrapbooking my own family photographs (all of which are labeled). Each year, I create a photo book for each of my sons, highlighting for them what they’ve accomplished in the previous twelve months. Sometimes the books are funny, other times serious, but always they are treasured. I have been called upon to create documentaries and slide or film conversions, which I lovingly design, building a careful arc and emotional tone.

Telling stories, connecting the present to the past, helps others live on through beautifully preserved documents, audio files or DVD films so that generations which follow can know the heart of those who came before. I know this is my calling: to preserve and share stories.

Don’t let your best story be your obituary, written by someone else.

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